The 6 Best Apps A Journo Should Have On Call


I know this post is sort of focussed on a certain group of people starting with Journa- and ending with -lists, but hey, maybe you’re a stalker, which is sort of the same thing. So if you’re a journo student, a journalist or just a stalker; check these apps out. Because they rule ’em all. All of the following apps are free, except if stated otherwise or if you want to go premium.

1. You’ll need something to record your source with, most smartphones have their own recorder, but Cogi is so much cooler. You can change the settings; so that you can record meetings, single voices and only the most important parts of certain conversations. It can also block out background noise.


2. No notebook on hand? Google Docs, Google Keep and your own smartphones’ notepad can all come in handy if you’re a fast typer. The cool thing about Google Keep is that you can use a stylus or even your finger to write your notes (if your phone is touchscreen – which it probably is because you’re not living in the 90’s anymore), and then the app will turn your scribbles into text.

Google Keep
Google Keep

3. What’s a journalist without proof? Or  you left your DSLR in the car? Your normal cell camera may be cool because it has “beauty mode”, but with Camera FV-5 for Android, you can shoot anything with the extra DSLR capabilities. The same sort of app for Apple is Camera+. You can also edit in both these apps. According to Daniëlla van Heerden, eNCA journo and a specialist in the mobile journalism #MOJO field, Filmic Pro is her go-to Apple app. The app was recently launched on the PlayStore, so that’s a big YES for Android users. FiLmic Pro might be a bit pricey, but according to van Heerden it’s totally worth it.

4. But an awesome photo editing app for the perfect photos is also important. For Android and Apple users, I recommend Snapseed by Google. It is free and this app has everything you need to do at the touch of a slider.


Check out Snapseed’s awesome capabilities in this cool video.

5. Social media is an integral part of being a journalist according to every journalist. According to Landi Malan, journo and social media coordinator at Maroela Media, Twitter and Facebook are the most important apps. But a lot of users now communicate through Vimeo, SnapChat, Instagram and of course if you have your own blog, there is an app for that, like the WordPress app. Malan says blogs are also seen as social media apps, and WordPress is definitely her favourite of the bunch. All of the above-mentioned apps are available on the Android PlayStore as well as the Apple iStore.

Social media
Social Media on PlayStore

6. The worst part of being a journo? No money? Yeah, but also transcribing. These two apps, Transcribe player for Android and Transcriber for Apple make it possible to record and transcribe your audio clips for you. Jay technology!

Transcribe Player
Transcribe Player

7. And of course you need the world at your fingertips, so download all those news alert apps, so you can stay on fleek and updated. Be sure to activate the “receive notification tab” on all the following apps that are available for Android, Apple devices, as well as Windows devices.

And that is all the important ones. If you’re a journalist, newsie or just live on coffee and hypocrisy – download these apps to make your work easier for yourself. Know another app that makes being a journo easier? Please let me know in the comments below.