Warriors Unite

I’m Carla Mouton, I have schizoaffective bipolar mood disorder ii, ADD and anxiety. So what? I drink my medicine prescribed by my psychiatrist every day and I live a most-of-the-time normal life. I don’t even know what counts as normal? It’s probably like that very plain burger you buy when you’re running out of money, a piece of overcooked meat in a hamburger bun and maybe a pickle. Anyway, I see a psychologist weekly and sometimes life isn’t a fairytale, but who’s is?

But because I have a mental illness and sometimes acts differently because of it; I’m seen by most people as a weirdo, freak or attention whore; like so many others.

There is a stigma surrounding mental illness, and it needs to stop. People should know that people with mental health problems don’t suddenly turn into a werewolf and eat their families. We’re Warriors, we battle our unseen enemies every day, just like a diabetics  need their insulin daily.

We need to end the stigma surrounding mental illnesses by talking about it. Sometimes these types of emotional bullying can lead to bad relapses, skipping or not taking prescribed medicine and even suicide. If more people talk about something it becomes less strange. Remember the Game Of Thrones series premiere? Oh, a series about winter and a lot of people dying that you learn to love? That sounds boring. And then some people watched the premiere and now everybody is a GOT zombie. We should at least get it to Fifty Shades of Grey level of okay to talk about.

And who other than the people fighting their demons every day to start it. Not be ashamed of their mental illness, not define ourselves as freaks, looking after ourselves, saying no and why you can’t drink or stay out too late or being afraid to take pills in front of people. If we are not ashamed, so will society see we’re not werewolves.

So let’s unite Warriors and fight not only to go on in our daily lives but also to change society’s perception.