13 Things girls think about while kissing – Yaaas

No, you’re not the only one whose brain and lips often function in alternative worlds. When you’re locking lips so many things run through your brain – kissing and non-kissing related (even though nobody every admits it). So we’ve just jotted down 13 things girls (or at least some at YAAAS) think about when kissing. It’s probably because we’re just so cool. We multitask like that.

Source: 13 Things girls think about while kissing – Yaaas

Take a walk in our shoes

Prof Herman van Schalkwyk

I always describe university to other people (the parentals) like an ever changing globe. You never know what’s going to happen next. Only the students know what’s really going on in “The Globe.”

Wednesday the entire journo class (all three of us and some guy with an accent) went to a seminar where a lot of really smart people told us what was going on at South African universities.

They spoke about #FeesMustFall, the language barrier, the political and financial stand points, and a lot of other things I didn’t understand. I also saw a Tweet that said RiRi had a breakdown, and I followed that for a bit.

And then I started thinking, like RiRi couldn’t cope anymore, so can’t students. Money, language, political systems within our universities; all of those things are turning into major problems.

Our parents don’t have the money to pay more money than they’re already paying, and we certainly don’t. Every student wants to study in a language that’s comfortable to him/ her and now the North West University Mafikeng Campus doesn’t have a SRC anymore.

I certainly don’t know how to clear up these problems, but a bunch of intelligent people should maybe walk a day in today’s students’ shoes before telling us what’s “wrong” with the system.